How do you trade pokemon in VBA?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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its easy,just get the vba emulators version 1.8,click wireless setting and check it,decheck the pause option on option menus,open another pokemons and go to pokemon center go to second floor and one of your vba ids must become leader in order to trade and other join group,(BEWARE! The leader will lose its data after trading,so i suggest you copy the ones who become leader ) HAPPY TRADING!

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Q: How do you trade pokemon in VBA?
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How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon emerald on computer?

You need a decent emulator. VBA wont work.

How can you trade pokemon on VBA?

You can't Virtual Boy Advanced is a Emulator on a computer so no

How do you trade Pokemon on a vba?

you download a vba link but all of your progress will be lost because once u download it u have to choose the emulator in the file

How trade Pokemon VBA?

You need to start two or more VBA windows at once then go to options, emulator and make sure the pause window when inactive features is off. Then set up all the controls and select the Pokemon you wish to trade.

Can you trade Pokemon on vba?

Yes u can. but to do it u need different kind of vba - u need VBAlink, u can trade with vba link trough Lan, Internet, or you can trade yourself on same cpu, for more info ust google vba link and u find entire page of how it works. =P

Can you trade Pokemon from vba to gba?

i wanna know too... plz somebody answer.... i reeeeeeeeeeeally need to know... :'(

Where can you get Pokemon groundon in sapphire?

You can not! you wont to trade with ruby or emerald. or if you are playng in vba emulator you can use cheat.

How do you trade Pokemon over vba using one computer?

No you cant trade using one computer i adviced you have 2 computer or gameboy or DS to trade

From where can you download Pokemon Diamonds and pearls vba rom?

pokemon diamond and peal vba download

How do you you trade with yourself in Pokemon FireRed for vba?

you need two GBAs. a GBA trade cable. (its usually clear and has a big input/out put) your fire red and another Pokemon game and go to a Pokemon center on both and trade!

How do you trade from a vba to a gba?

You can't .

Can you trade Pokemon between the leafgreen rom and crystalrom using the vbalink emulator?

No because Crystal and Leafgreen are not compatible regardless if its on the VBA.