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i am so sorry i just erased your whole answer i can give more detail have to have a pal pad with other people signed on there head to the Pokemon center and go to the lady on the 2nd floor by the global terminal the closest to it and wall la

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Q: How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?
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Can you trade Pokémon from Pokémon white to black?

you can trade Pokemon from white to black and from black to white

Where to find thundurus in Pokemon black?

Trade from white and if you have white trade from black for tornadous

How can you get deoxis in Pokemon Black and White?

You have to transfer it into Pokemon Black or White, or you can also trade for it.

Where is Zekrom in Pokemon Black?

Zekrom is NOT in Pokemon Black. You have to trade it from Pokemon White.

What can you trade Pokemon Black with?

Pokemon White, and other copies of Pokemon Black.

Where do you battle trapinch in Pokemon Black and White?

If you have Pokemon White Virsion then you can in white forest, if you have Pokemon Black Virsion then you must trade it from Pokemon White

How do you get another starter Pokemon in Pokemon White?

You have to trade a starter to another Pokemon white or black game then trade the Pokemon back.

Is it possible to trade Pokemon from previous games to black or white?

You can trade the DS Pokemon games onto Pokemon Black and White when you have the national pokedex and have found sort of the pal park in black and white.

Can you trade Pokemon from diamond and pearl to black and white?

You can't trade Pokemon olny put Pokemon in Pokemon white and black's pal park and you can't return it back.

When can you trade Pokemon from white to another Pokemon game?

After the first badge. But White will only be able to trade to Black or White.

How do you find Celebi on Pokemon Black?

Celebi isn't available in Pokemon Black and White. You have to transfer it into Pokemon Black and White or trade for one.

Can you trade Pokemon between black and white and black and white 2?

Yes! You can do that.