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Well, a lot of people believe that the iceburg can be tipped, but the truth is it can not. Me and my friends have tried and tried but even when the room is full it isn't able to be tipped. The only way it can be is if the Club Penguin team redecorates it to be.
Tipping the ice berg has been a rumor, and people try to do that to get the golden puffle. But after all of my years on club penguin, I have never seen anyone with a golden puff until 2014, when they are now in the pet shop along with oner pets. You will have to do a quest to get gold nuggets to be able to get a gold puffle.

I have been playing for 7-8 years now. Near to when club penguin has started

you don't you tip it but you need a lot of penguins drilling at once

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Q: How do you tip over the iceberg on club penguin?
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What do you need to buy on club penguin to tip the iceberg?

Sorry buddy you cant tip the iceberg on club penguin.

How To tip the iceberg on Club Penguin?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tip the iceberg, it is an urban legend. (I even emailed club penguin to be sure).

Do you have to be a member to tip the iceberg in club penguin?

i cant tip the iceberg who can im gonna do is

Can fire tip the iceberg on club penguin?


Can you actually tip the iceberg on club penguin?

no you can not

How do you tip iceberg in club penguin?

You CAN'T!

How many penguins to tip the iceberg on club penguin?

You need 30 penguins to tip the Iceberg.

What do you get when you tip the iceberg on club penguin?

you cant even tip the iceberg! you can get one hunderd people.

How do you tip the iceburg in club penguin?

iceberg* not iceburg

If you tip the iceberg on club penguin can you get banned?

No, but giraffes will

How do you destoy Club Penguin?

you cant but you can tip the iceberg

In Club Penguin can you tip the iceburg?

iceberg* not iceburg