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button to the left then button to the top

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Q: How do you thunderclap in the incredible hulk game for 360?
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How do you remove the xbox 360 incredible hulk game I want to restart my game and I cant find any way to restart it from scratch?

How do I remove the xbox 360 incredible hulk game I want to restart my game and I cant find any way to restart it from scratch?

On xbox 360 do you get red hulk for the incredible hulk?

You only get Red Hulk if you register at Gamestop to buy him.

How do you get all the characters in the incredible hulk game?

Incredible Hulk: Generic (starting character); already unlocked. Gray Hulk: Smash 250+ objects Red Hulk: Xbox 360 exclusive; already unlocked Green Scar: PS3 exclusive; finish the game? Joe Fixit: Xbox 360 exclusive; finish the game? Ironclad: Trick a U-Foe into killing of his/her teammates. Abomination: Kill Abomination Hulkbuster Iron Man: Have an Iron Man save file. Maestro: Destroy a building in every district. Classic Hulk: Collect 10 comic book covers.

I have the incredible hulk for xbox 360 how do you get red hulk?

As far as I know there is no red hulk. If you mean Maestro, you must destroy one building in each sector of new york city.

Are there any cheat codes for the incredible hulk for the 360?

There are no cheat codes for the hulk you can only unlock the the characters and other parts during gameplay.

How do you get hulk on marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Xbox 360?

you have to collect 5 gamma regulators throughout the game.

How do you get hulk buster in the hulk?

have saved ironman data on your Xbox 360 or ps3

When did The Incredible Machine - series - happen?

The Incredible Machine - series - happened in 360.

How do you get hulkbuster Iron Man for xbox 360?

have saves for hulk in ironman and viceversa

Is hulk hogan in svr 09?

No, but he will be in the new game coming out March 2009 WWE Legends of Wrestlemania for Xbox 360 and PS3. This game will feature almost all of the WWE Hall of Famers and Legends for example Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Sgt. Slaughter, etc.

How do you be the the hulkbuster suit in Iron Man the game?

Sadly, you cant get the hulk-buster suit. It would be pretty cool if you could.

Is the game Littlebigplanet for Xbox 360 at blockbuster?

No the game is not sold or made for the Xbox 360