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With the button you use to punch you go behind the bomb king and punch him in the back of him. You will lift him up and then you press the same button again and you will throw him.

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Q: How do you throw the bomb King in super Mario 64?
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How do you beat king ba bomb in super Mario 64?

Run to his back, then take him and throw him (not out of the ring!) Do it 3 times to win.

How do you defeat king bomb in super Mario ds?

press a behind him 3 times. he will give you a star. this is in super Mario 64

What is the king on the summit in the first level of super Mario 64?

its a big bomb that is on the big tall mountain in bomb battlefield but u need to have Mario Luigi or WArio aka fat man

After you spin bowser on super Mario 64 ds over and over what do you do?

hit the A button to throw him, if you time just right, he will hit the spike mine bomb

How do you throw the links bomb high in Super Smash Bros.?

throw it up while jumping

How do you defeat the mole in Super Mario Galaxy?

you will see him on a red cannon. get close to him. then he will throw a bomb. squirt the bomb and it will turn blue getting stunned. press b to pick up the bomb and throw it back on him this should damage him. if you hold the stunned bomb for too long it will explode after 3 seconds becareful

How do you unlock infinite items on super Mario galaxy?

If there's a bomb or bullet in that place,then you can try that.

How do you pick up the big bo-bomb in super Mario 64?

press b behind him

In Super Mario Galaxy how can you make the bombs blow up faster?

Easy just press the button you assigned to the bomb the run and when the little icon at the bottom of the screen says Throw press A and you'll throw it. To drop it just stand still and press A when the icon at the bottom says drop.

Which is the best NES game of all time?

in my opinion super Mario bros that game is the bomb-omb

In Super Mario Brothers which bomb is bad black or red?

The evil ones are black. The red ones are your friends.

Can you go any other characters on new super Mario bros other than Mario and luigi?

you can be wario, yoshi, or ba bomb in mini games