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Only in Super Mario Bros 3 you can hold and throw shells holding the b button when you touch them.

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Q: How do you throw shells in Super Mario Brothers?
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Either jump on it or throw something at it.

How do you throw a turtle shells up in new super Mario bros?

You can't actually throw them up but you can get them in the air for a second or two by jumping while letting go of the shell.

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A Koopa is the turtles you find in most of the levels. They most commonly have green or red shells but on castles they look like a skeleton called Dry Bones. They also can throw boomerangs, fire or even ice.

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Blaze Can Throw Fire In Super Sonic Smash Brothers.

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I mean when I play online I throw shells at other people but then they catch the shells and throw them back. How do they do that?

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Press B

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To beat bosser in super Mario 64 you run up to him grab his tail and throw him into a spike.

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