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go to options then change the controls

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Q: How do you throw plasma grenades on halo PC?
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Is their halo reach for PC?

No there is not halo for the PC

Is halo wars on PC?

From what I know, there is no Halo Wars on the PC.

Can you boost in halo PC?

halo PC does not have a ranking system.

Is Halo 3 on PC?

No. Bungie stopped producing Halo games for Pc after Halo 2

How do you mod maps for halo on PC?

Yes. There are a lot of mods for Halo and Halo Trail on PC.

Is Halo 3 odst for PC?

Halo 3 ODST is not for PC but Halo 1 and maybe Halo 2-3 are

Can you use hacks on halo reach for PC?

You can't get Halo on PC

Is there Halo for Nintendo GameCube?

No, Halo only came out for the Xbox and the pc.

Why does halo on PC cut out?

Halo for the PC has already come out, so has the halo 2. I know how to get Halo for the PC for FREE! Go toYutube and you'll see some ideas.

Is their going to be a Halo 3 for PC?

no there will not be halo 3 on the PC because Microsoft doesn't make PC's

Can you play halo multilayer on the PC?

Yes you can play both Halo: CE and Halo 2 multiplayer on PC.

Can you play halo reach on a PC?

Only Halo combat evolved and Halo 2 are on PC.