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have all of the same type of item (ie. Regal Sofa, Regal Table, Regal Bookshelf) in one room (there is usually 8 different ones from there on just go with similar colored items)

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Q: How do you theme your house on Animal Crossing Wild World?
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How do get the super Mario theme in animal crossing wild world?

you cant

What is the Action Replay code to get the lovely theme in Animal Crossing Wild World?

There is no such code.

What kind of furniture is in Agent S's house in Animal crossing Wild World?

agent s has a cabana theme with a city wall a mosaic floor and some plants

What is the code for Royal Theme on Animal Crossing Wild World Version 1.1 Action Replay?

There is no such code.

Where can you get Animal Crossing lyrics for saxophone?

I suppose you can Google it. Try 'animal crossing theme lyrics for saxophone'. Hope this helps!

What pieces of furniture are in the citrus theme on animal crossing wild world?

The orange and lime chair, citrus wall and floor, and citrus table, but that's all I know.

Does the windmill do anything on Animal Crossing City Folk?

It has no purpose, just to give your town a country theme.

What are some good town toons for Animal Crossing?

Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts II sounds nice in Animal Crossing depending on who you are talking to. Mario's Theme probably would sound silly.

Is there Animal Crossing for Game Boy?

No. Ask the Nintendo company to make Animal Crossing: Animal Life in September 2011. They'll release it in October. Only a few different changes! 1: Play as an animal. 2: Choose your gender. 3: Choose your personality. 4: New places (theme park, coffee shop, restaurant, bathroom, etc.) 5: Go swimming. 6: Become famous. 7: Read. 8: Talk like the other animals! 9: Cook. The same holidays will be out in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and Animal Crossing: City Folk. ENJOY! From, Luke Johnson

Is there a fruit furniture theme on Animal Crossing?

the fruit theme is a furniture theme, like an apple tv, pineapple bed, citrus wallpaper and carpet, kiwi chair, etc.

What is the fall theme for GracieGrace in Animal Crossing City Folk?

It is the sweets theme. There's all sweet things. And just in time for Halloween, a witch outfit.

What is the biggest house they can build for you on Animal Crossing Wild World?

The biggest house on animal crossing is yours. After you finish paying off your house you will have 3 layers, Attic,top floor (i use it as a bedroom) and a basement. you will also have ur main floor and u can get it enlarged