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to teach swampert hydro cannon u have to go to the dude who teaches moves for a heart scale in fallabor town. but swampert has to be a certain level. you can also breed a female mudkip, marshtomp, or swampert with a male in the monster or water 1 group that knows hydro cannon and the move might transfer to the baby.

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Q: How do you teach swampert hydro cannon?
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When does swampert learn hydro cannon?

swampert can not learn hydro cannon in R/E/S it can only learn hydro cannon in Pokemon pearl/platinum/diamond SEE YA

What is the strongest move swampert can learn?

Hydro Cannon

Who can learn hydro cannon?

Blastoise, Feraligatr, Swampert, Empoleon

Where does swampert learn hydro cannon in ruby?

The only way for Swampert to learn hydro pump is to let Mudkip learn it at level 42, sorry.

What are the best moves for a swampert?

I'm a swampert, and i know hydro cannon, focus punch, blizzard, and earthquake. whether or not these are the best moves, they work for me :)

When does balstoies learns hydro cannon?

A move tutor on two island will teach it hydro cannon if its level 50.

What move should i get rid of for my Blastoise for hydro pump he knows hyper beam hydro cannon surf and earthqauke?

You shouldn't bother teach it hydro pump cause it has hydro cannon.

When does Empoleon learn hydro cannon?

you have to have the move tutor teach it

Pokemon platinum hydro cannon cheat codes?

Why do you need a cheat code for Hydro Cannon????????????????????????????? If you have a Blastoise, Swampert, Feraligatr, or Empoleon you just have to bond with it and you can learn the move WITHOUT messing up your game with hacks.

Where do you find the TM hydro cannon in diamond?

There isn't a TM for Hydro Cannon. You water Pokemon learn it from a guy in the desert at route 228. His house will be by a pond. Go in and talk to him and he will teach your Pokemon Hydro Cannon (water types only). Note: You have to be well bonded with your Pokemon before he will teach it.

What level does swampert learn hydro pump in pokemon ruby?

Swampert does not learn Hydro Pump.

What is blastsiose cool move that he can learn?

Its hydro cannon, to have it learn hydro cannon level it up to level 50 then go to two island and go north to an old ladies house and show your blastoise to her and she will teach it hydro cannon.