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you press home on your keyboard

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Q: How do you talk to navi in the ocarina emulator?
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What do you do after you get the bracelet in Zelda Ocarina of Time?

you go to IGN or any of the many many gaming sites that have a walk-through and follow its instructions. or you talk to navi and she will likely tell you what to do.

How do you be anything that you can z target on ocarina of time?

Get a emulator, and get the hacks for it.

Who is Link looking for in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

Link is on a Quest to find his old friend Navi after parting ways. (Navi is his fairy from Ocarina of Time)

How can you download Zelda the ocarina of time?

You need an Emulator to run the ROM.

Why does link still have the ocarina of time in majoras mask?

In the beginning of the game there is a flashback. It shows Zelda giving Link the Ocarina of time for his journey to find Navi. In the beginning you see Link on his horse in the woods. That is his journey to find Navi until skull kid brings him to Termina.

Why does Navi go in the top window of the Temple of Time at the end of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time?

Navi leaves link at the end, why else would he get a different fairy in the next one. Navi leaves him because he is no a real kakiri child

Where can you download legend of Zelda ocarina of time on PC without using an emulator?

You can't.

How do you use c buttons for ocarina of time on computer?

depends on the emulator you're using.

What is Nagy?

if you mean avgn stuff its a parody of navi the annoying as hell firefly in the legend of Zelda ocarina of time

Can you download the legend of Zelda the ocarina of time onto vista?

first you need an n64 emulator and an Ocarina of Time Rom, just llok these up online and you will easily find results, I recomend Project 64 for the Emulator and FInd a ROM on Emuparadise

Can you play ocarina of time with no rom or emulator?

no you need to download project64 to play it you can find it

How can you install the ocarina of time with an n64 emulator on your psp slimline with firmware 3.80 m33-5?

you need to get lost