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You can take the censor blur off the Sims in the Sims Life Stories by downloading a mod. You can also enter a cheat code to remove the blur. intprop censorgridsize 0 is the cheat code to remove the blur.

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Q: How do you take the censor off on The Sims Life Stories?
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How to take the censor bar off the sims 3?

Download a mod for it. there are tonns out there. Try

How do you take a picture in the Sims life stories?

press c or click on the camera button. Then, press f4 and insert your picture, by clicking on the one you just took on the sims life stories i dont think you actually can... the method above is for sims 2/3 only i may be wrong please correct me if i am :)

Can you take away the cencors in the sims 3 PC?

Through mods, yes. However, it's believed that under the censor, sims have a "barbie doll" skin.

How long does it take to have a baby on sims pet stories?

6 months

How do you see sims nude on The Sims 2 PC?

give then a bath! You can download something to take away censor. But there is a cheat too. But dowloading something might take away all the kid stuff and make it for adult kinda stuff.

What other Sims games will take expansion Sims Apartment Life?

you can get just the normal sims 2 or sims 2 double deluxe

In the Sims pet stories how long does it take for a kitten to come?

well I dont know exactly but I will check and answer this

How long will it take for you to grow up and get married on the Sims Castaway Stories for the PC?

It shouldn't take very long. On mine the time flew! :) LMK

Can Sims have babies in sims castaway?

Yes you can have baby, If the game is sims castaway stories on the computer you just make them both relax in same bed then "try for a baby" and tada a new born baby (may take multiple try)

How do you know if you are pregnant on sims life stories?

When the Sims have finished 'trying for a baby' there will be a gentle piece of music played. If you don't hear this then it was not successful. If the Sim is pregnant they will start throwing up with morning sickness as well as having a pacifier and a question mark above their head. If a sim is pregnant then the game will not let you have the 'try for a baby' option when both sims are relaxing on the bed. It may take several attempts!

If it take a baby to be born 9 months in Sims time how many in ours?

if it takes 9 months in Sims it takes about 3 days in real life