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Do you mean new Super Mario bros wii? Because Super Mario bros wii is differeant. Oh, well, in both games don't press anything and you will slowly go down.

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Q: How do you swim down in Super Mario Bros wii?
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How do you swim in Super Mario brothers?

for the super Mario bros wii press the A button to swim

When is the best time to use the frog in super Mario bros 3?

When you are in water levels. The frog suit makes it easier to swim.

In Super Mario World on SNES can you swim with a key?


New Super Mario Brothers how to swim?

Keep pressing the A button.

How do you swim on Super Mario galaxy?

hold a, repeatedly press a, shake the wiimote.

In super Mario 64 how do you dive?

To dive you simply push down on the control stick and swim forward. Pushing the B button does not work as well because that makes Mario grab at whatever is below him.

How do you swim up in Super Mario Brothers wii?

You press the 2 button alot of times.

How can you get Mario to swim in Super Mario Brothers wii?

Jump into deep water and repeatedly press the 2 Button (A Button if you are using the Nunchuk) to swim up. If you have a penguin suit, you have to hold the direction you want to swim in and repeatedly press the 2 or A button.

How do you swim in the new Super Mario Brothers for Ds?

Press the A button to swim up and use the D-pad to move around.

Explain how to play as Luigi on Super Mario 3D Land for Nintendo 3DS.?

luigi and mario are different from each other , BUT , they both do the sam qualties each other do , so what are the differences?? Mario/ +Speed -Jump -Swim Luigi/ -Speed +Jump +Swim

What is bowsers weaknass?

it depends on what Mario game you are playing in the first Mario gam bowser's weakness was lava in super Mario galaxy 2 it is a black hole

What is Sonic biggest weakness and fear?

Water, of course!Although in the sonic games, he is walking in the water and not actually swimming. But for some weird reason he can swim in super smash bros. brawl! Although, in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, he wears a life jacket for swimming events!