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You need to Fusion Summon it by using 'Black Luster Soldier' and 'Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon'. You must use Fusion Summon, so cannot being it out using cards like 'Cyber Stein' or 'Summoner of Illusions'. However you can use Fusion Substitutes like 'King of the Swamp' in place of one of the components.

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Q: How do you summon 'Dragon Master Knight'?
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Can you special summon Dragon master knight using cyber stein or Temple of the kings effect?

no, dragon master knight can only be fusion summoned.

Does dragon master knight have any support cards?

Dragon Master Knight doesn't have any direct support cards but can be supported with dragon and fusion support cards. Dragon's Mirror is a good example since it's a spell for dragon-type fusions. It should be noted that Dragon Master Knight cannot be special summoned unless the summon is treated like a fusion summon as stated in Dragon's Mirror's card text. However, when on the field it can be affected by cards that affect dragon and/or fusion type monsters.

Can you show me the card Yu-Gi-Oh master of dragon?

I think you mean dragon master knight go to yugioh wiki and type in dragon master knight and it will show the picture.

On monster master how do you get dragon rider?

you combine a dragon with a knight

Which booster pack did 'Dragon Master Knight' come in?

The card Dragon Master Knight came in the booster pack "Duelist Pack: Kaiba".

What is better dragon master knight or five headed dragon?

dragon master knight because he gains 500 additional attack points for each dragon-type monster on your side of the field

How do you get dragon master knight?

if you can go onto and search in all departments then type in dragon master knight and check the price and ask if u can get it

What is the rarest dragon card?

I would say Dragon Master Knight

Is dragon master knight rare?

Heck Yeah!

Can Dragon Master Knight beat Five Headed Dragon?

It can indeed. Both have 5000 base ATK. Five-Headed Dragon cannot be destroyed by battle unless by a LIGHT monster, which Dragon Master Knight is. Normally both would be destroyed due to having the same ATK, but if there is another dragon on your side of the field, your Dragon Master Knight will be 5500 ATK and survive battle with Five-Headed Dragon.

How much money is the cost of the card Dragon Master Knight?

The prices for this card vary per store. A good standard price for the Dragon Master Knight card is about $6.99 to $7.95.

Can you summon 'Paladin of White Dragon' with 'Familiar Knight'?

No - Paladin of White Dragon is a Ritual Monster. It can only be initially summoned from hand by the appropriate Ritual Card, or anything that specifically allows the special summon of a Ritual Monster (Ritual Foregone). No other special summon effect is able to summon them from hand or deck, including things like Summoner Monk, A Hero Emerges, or Familiar Knight.