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You buy the 3 or 12 month package at the PlayStation Store for 18 or 50 dollars

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Q: How do you subscribe to PlayStation Plus?
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Where can you find downloads for PlayStation portable free?

Downloads are sold they are not free and the Playstation Downloads that are free from the Playstation Plus are not free they require membership in Playstation Plus and expire if your Playstation Plus membership expires.

Do you need PlayStation plus to hack on ps3?

Playstation Plus does not have anything to do with hacking on the PS3 and is a Playstation Network premium service

Do you have to have PlayStation plus to play online on GTA 5?

Yes, PlayStation Plus is required to play any PlayStation game online.

Is PlayStation plus available for ps2?

No it is not. Of course you can purchase Playstation Plus it just will have no value for the PS2

When did playstation plus go live?

Playstation Plus was first released on the PS3 on July 10, 2010

When does playstation plus update there game of month?

PlayStation Plus updates their game on the first Tuesday of the month.

Can I join playstation plus and playstation now together or must I only choose one?

You can join both Playstation Plus and Playstation Now. Though it should be noted that Playstation Now is in beta phase and you can only sign up for a chance to use it.

Can you buy another PlayStation plus subscription before the one I have ongoing ends?

Playstation Plus subscriptions are automatically renewed

Does content purchased at a PlayStation Plus discount become locked out wh?

Free items for Playstation Plus customers are only for members and you only have there use with a valid membership in Playstation Plus. Items purchased with the Playstation Plus discount remain available if membership expires including the ability to download them again if needed

How much does playstation network cost?

If you mean "PlayStation plus" it costs $59.99

Can I join playstation plus and playstation now together or must I only choose one-?

Playstation Plus and Playstation Now are two different things. You can have both at the same time. Though it should be noted that Playstation Now is still in the beta testing phase.

Is PlayStation 3 going to start paying internet?

No the PlayStation Network is free. PlayStation Plus is about extra benefits and discounts at PlayStation store