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i think you just get some string click on it then click on the amulet and it strings it get wool and spin it into string

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Q: How do you string amulets on runescape?
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What do you do with a ball of wool on runescape?

you can make string with it to put on your unstrung symbols or your amulets.

What do you use string for in RuneScape?

String is a very general term and can refer to bow string, crossbow string, and/or magic string. Bow strings are used in RuneScape to make bows or crossbows in RuneScape with the appropriate Fletching skill and magic string is used in RuneScape to create Nature Amulets with the Crafting skill with the appropriate level required.

How do you trim amulets on RuneScape?

You can't trim amulets, they're rewards from Treasure trails,

In runescape do farming amulets work on herb patches?

They should do, yes.

What helps you with magic on RuneScape?

Magic is influenced by dozens of pieces of armour, amulets, rings, and potions.

Rune Scape what do you do with wool?

You spin it on a spinning wheel to get a ball of wool, which you can use to string amulets and necklaces.

What is the item idea for gold bars in runescape?

It's a component to make all kinds of Jewellery: Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets & Amulets.

What are the figures tucked in between the mummy layers of wrapping?


What materials were amulets made out of?

What are amulets?

What gives strength boost besides amulets in runescape f2p?

Fighter's torso, Obby shield's or rune defenders, berserker helmets, Berserker ring's, dragon or rune boots.

Runescape how to make amulets of magic t?

You can't make trimmed items or gold items, they can only be obtained from Treasure Trials as part of a random reward from a level 1 clue.

Figures tucked in between the mummy's layers of wrapping?

an amulet that is why there are grave robbersin egypt