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log into parental controls in your wizard101 account, and click cancel on the membership. your membership at that current time will continue to be in effect until the next renew date, and then it will end. if you dont cancel it it will right away charge another month.

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Q: How do you stop a wizard101 membership?
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Is there any way to get free wizard101 membership?

You can but you will have to pay on the wizard101 website

Can I have a wizard101 account with membership?


How Can you Get Wizard101 Membership for free?

Sorry but no you have to pay

What is one membership code for wizard101?


Does krokotopia cost money on wizard101?

no but the membership does

Can you get free membership in wizard101?

No. It's impossible.

How do you ativat a wizard101 membership?

You'll need to buy it since there are no membership codes.

Can you get free membership on wizard101?

Nope, you will need to pay for it. Asking how to get a membership for free on wizard101 is like asking how to legally buy something without paying a cent for it.

Is there a gamecard for membership for wizard101?

How do you talk on wizard 101

How do you subscribe on wizard101?

You go to the wizard101 website, type in your username and password then click buy crowns and then you can buy a membership.

Do you need a membership for wysteria in wizard101?

I think so,maybe not

How do you get a wizard 101 membership?

if you are a noob log in to wizard101 and play find the icon upgrade membership and complete the steps