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Q: How do you stop a game in draw something?
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In the game uno does a wild stop a draw?

yes a wild card can stop a draw and or a draw four card

Is there a game where you draw something and it comes to life?

may be

How do you end a game in draw something?

Swipe from left to right on a game and then press delete.

How do you stop sprites going over objects in game maker?

I can't quite understand your question, but here's a method for what I think you want: Create a draw event, and tell it to not draw the sprite. If you mean something to do with a collision event, change the objects' depth.

How do you tie at Magic the Gathering?

Official magic the gathering rules:"104.4. There are several ways to draw the game.104.4a. If all the players remaining in a game lose simultaneously, the game is a draw.104.4b. If the game somehow enters a "loop" of mandatory actions, repeating a sequence of events with no way to stop, the game is a draw. Loops that contain an optional action don't result in a draw.104.4c. An effect may state that the game is a draw.104.4d. In a multiplayer game between teams, the game is a draw if all remaining teams lose at once."

How much data does one game of draw something take?

Exactly 12 pints

How do you delete a game on draw something?

Where it says play you swipe to the left and it will say delete. Click

How do you get worlds in any any any in Moshi Monsters?

you stop playing that game are you homosexual or something how old are you anyway? jeez stop playing that GAME!

How do you delete players from draw something?

Seriously nobody knows but if there is a way that you can, it would probably be when the game is updated

How do you find out what your draw something password is when the email won't work?

If you log out of Draw Something on your device, and then attempt to log back it, there will be a "forgot password" link that you can use to have your password mailed to you. ... If you put in a fake email address, then you will need to contact the makers of the game. See the related link for the Draw Something support page below.

How do you draw a quadrangle?

Draw a line. Stop. At the end of the line, draw another line in a different direction. Stop. At the end of that line, draw a line heading back in the general direction of where you started. Stop. Draw a fourth line that connects to your starting point.

What can you do for fun in Washington?

Ride a bike, have a picnic, play a board game, draw something, write a letter...many things you can do.