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same way u do anything else left analog stick if not maybe mines rigged

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Q: How do you steer the parachute in the Army of Two game?
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What is the new army of two game?

Army of Two: The 40th Day

Is army of two single player?

Army of Two can be a single or multi-player (2) game.

What is a hoochie cord?

"Hoochie cord" is an Australian Army term for a thin nylon cord, usually coloured army olive drab, as it is used to erect a shelter, or hoochie. It is sometimes incorrectly called parachute cord - which is a completely different product. Parachute cord is multi cored with several - up to 7 - white nylon cords enclosed in an olive drab sheath. In the US Army parachute cord is called "550 cord", as a common version is 550lb breaking strength. Do not confuse the two - hoochie cord is NOT as strong as parachute cord.

Can you drive a car in army of two game for PS3?

no, unless the game is like that itself

Is army of two the 40th day a good game?


What do you call a steer with 2 shot legs and 2 long legs?

A steer with two short legs and two long legs is "lean beef."

What systems are the game army of two 40th day on?

ps3,psp,xbox 360.

How do you unlock arkri on army of two 40th day?

According to the Game Faqs website, there is not an Arkri on the video game Army of Two: The 40th Day. To unlock a power couple, you need to get the highest partnership score in a co-op death match.

How does army of two the 40th day end?

dont know do the last level of the game and find out

What are the two forces acting on a parachute?

The two forces acting on a parachute are gravity pulling it downward and air resistance pushing against it as it falls. The parachute's design allows it to create enough air resistance to slow down its descent and increase the time it takes to reach the ground.

What are the names of the two main characters in the game Army of Two?

The two names of the main characters are Tyson Rios (black) and Elliot Salem (white).

Are there any co-op shooters?

Yes there is a game called Army of two the 40th day which is two player in story mode