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Make a Sim with the Kleptomaniac trait.

Go to the graveyard at night

Left Click

You should see the option "Steal Something"

Click that

Your Sim should steal a grave

If they don't click "Steal Something" again until they do.

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Q: How do you steal remains on the sims 3?
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How do your steal remains on sims 3?

You can't.

How do you steal things on the sims 3?

you have to have the trait 'kleptomaniac', then you go out somewhere, click on something and then you will get the option to steal it

How do you burgle someone on Sims 3?

Technically you can't However, if your sim is a kleptomaniac, he/she can visit a house at night, steal from outside or ask to be invited in, and steal from a room with no sims in it.

Where do the swiped remains in sims 3 PC go?

Usually in your inventory

Can Sims 3 go into debt?

yes your sims can! they still have bills though, so the repo man will come and steal your furniture if you have no money.

In the Sims 3 for the i-pod why cant you steal away people's partners?

cause its messed up.

How do you steal candy from toddlers in the Sims 3?

The Sim must have the Evil trait, and then you click on the toddler, and it should be an option there.

Can you steal from people in the Sims 3?

If your Sim has the Kleptomaniac personality trait, then your sim will take things from others. This is possible a maximum of 3 times every night, by clicking in the area you want the Sim to steal an object in. - - - Well once I was on my Sims 3 for Wii and I was at my neighbors house and I went in their backyard and picked up their yoga mats and brought them to my house! things that you can pick up easily are what i steal... lol

Can you steal candy from a baby in sims freeplay?


How do you get ghosts on The Sims 3?

Make a FEMALE sim that steals things. Make the sims steal mens Graves. WooHoo with the ghots until you have a ghost baby. :)

How do you steel a dead person on sims 3?

Your sim has to have the kleptomaniac trait. Then have them go to the graveyard at night, I think it has to be after midnight, but I don't remember for sure. Then click on a headstone and it will give you the option to "steal remains" or something like that, I don't remember the exact wording it used. I've only done it once, then my sim wanted to return the remains....through the mail! lol :)

How do you steal on sims 3 wii?

You need to have the criminal career and climb the chain to a middle level( have advanced four levels ) and go to someones house find a small object and click steal. ChaCha On!