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I don't think there is a way to directly copy the place by using studio or anything. I think you have to hack their account then while your logged in as them you go to their place in studio then save the model you want or the whole place to your computer. Then log in as your account and go to your place in studio and insert that model or the map and presto you have their map. Also, I don't have any expirience but I would suggest to put everything in lighting(the weapons or guis) in some brick just incase that doesn't get copied.

I don't know how to hack and account or steal a place personally but if your that desperate pm someone that copied places like Fort Vulcan (VS clan base) or something they might tell you but most likely not.

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Q: How do you steal people places Place exploit How do you steal copylocked places on roblox?
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Were to get copied games on roblox?

If a game is uncopylocked, you can copy it by playing the place in edit mode and saving it to your computer. Places that are copylocked cannot be copied. There was once a Roblox glitch that allowed players to copy copylocked places, but it has since been fixed.

How do you make a solo game on roblox?

Go to "Configure this place" in the my places options, and deselect "Copylocked"

How do you remove the play solo on roblox?

If it is your own place then you go to configure this place and make sure that it IS copylocked.

Jaredvaldez is an noob?

Everbady we dont need jared on roblox. He copied many times copylocked places. Are you in his fan group? LEAVE IT!! Have you his as friend? Remove him as friend!! Report him many times to he gets banned for his life!! This was it

What are a list of programs you can exploit on Roblox?

That's not a very good idea to exploit roblox because you'll get banned.

Where do you learn to exploit roblox?

You can Exploit but really, No harm. I am known all over roblox as Tarek701 and I am a exploiter. I am willing to teach for 300 robux.

Is there a hack in ROBLOX to get free robux?

No. Also, attempting to exploit any part of Roblox is a bannable offense.

How do you copy someones copylocked game on roblox?

Make your own game and get a life

How do you do Roblox health hack?

you can't, i don't want a health hacker in my server said roblox, so he just got rid of the exploit

What is the white scythe script on Roblox?

i know it >:P.... but u should no if u exploit.

Is there a way to save the tix and robux hack on roblox?

No. It is only a web browser exploit. It does not save it permanently.

Will Roblox visit other places?

Well, first of all, what exactly do you mean by "ROBLOX"? Do you mean like the ROBLOX staff user ROBLOX?