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You have to put a cheat on to catch trainers pokemon u can't steal your own pokemon rented to you the ar codes to catch trainers pokemon

the action replay code is:

52240fb4 dbef42ae

62101d40 00000000

b2101d40 00000000

10047604 000003e7

10047608 000003e7

10047784 000003e7

10047788 000003e7

d2000000 00000000

94800004 00000000

92249cf4 00002019

12249cf4 0000e00a

d2000000 00000000

ask me for more ar codes for other cheats

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Q: How do you steal Pokemon from the battle factory in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you steal rental Pokemon from the battle factory?

You can't.

How 2 steal pokemons from battle factory on platinum?

um positive you cant

What is Pokemon platinum action replay code steal Pokemon from the battle factory?

There is a code to steal Pokemon from trainers but I don't know if it works in the Battle Factory... That code is: 52249CF4 B056201912249CF4 0000E00AD0000000 00000000It dosent work in the battle need a activation code to use this cheatthe 9999 battle points is:94000130 FCFF0000B2101D40 0000000010007248 0000270FD2000000 00000000this code doesnt work!!!but i can give you one that does it good only glitch is when capturing Pokemon the ball stays open..

How do you steal Pokemon from the battle in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't. But if you have a device called action replay, there is a code that lets you steal other pokemon. or go to your wife and ask to have lunch

How do you activate the steal Pokemon on platinum?

if you have the cheat all you do is go battle a person and throw a ball at the desired pokemon.

How do you get a steal ball in Pokemon Platinum?

obtsain national pokedex and go to pokemon league. you will battle the champion right away with 1 of your pokemon(you choose) against her spiritomb. Win and steal balls will be in some pokemarts for smae price as ultra balls(this is only for pokemon platinum).

Where is the cheapest you can get Pokemon platinum?

You can get it for free if you steal it.

How do you steal Pokemon from the Battle Factory in Pokemon Emerald?

The battle factory is the only facility where you can't use your own Pokemon, your given 6 Pokemon to choose from and you must choose 3 pick the best obviously. When you finish the guy brings you in the factory before facing your opponent he gives you a hint on there battle style or if they have certain Pokemon choose the 3 Pokemon that you have correctly to give yourself an advantage. When you defeat a trainer you have the option to swap Pokemon with that trainer this means if you found that they have a better Pokemon then you you can take it and swap it for one of yours that seems to be not working out for you.

How could you steal Pokemon at the battle factory in Pokemon diamond?

sorry you can't without a cheat code. sorry again because i dont know that either.

Is there a Pokemon Platinum Steal Pokemon code?

Yes there is a platinum steal code for action replay, my friend has it. I'm not sure about the code, though. I hope I helped with anything.

Can you steal battle factory Pokemon in Pokemon heartgold?

yes, if you have this cheat: 52248BE0 49B6D01D 22248BE1 000000E0 D0000000 00000000 (and an action replay) It lets you use items in the battle, so have easy catch and catch trainer Pokemon on.

Pokemon platinum what is the steal Pokemon cheats activation?

just press L+R