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Q: How do you start the unity festival on rune factory 3?
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How do you transform into a wooly before the Unity Festival in Rune Factory 3?

To transform into a wooly before the Unity Festival, you must transform where nobody is near by. Therefore, your party must not consist of a villager if you want to transform.

How can you get marry in rune factory 3?

you have to reunite everyone at the unity festival and afterwards you get athe ability to make a engagement ring. invite who you like out and give it to her

Is there going to be more rune factory games?

That depends on what Rune Factory are are talking about. Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon is out in NA Rune Factory 2 is out in NA Rune Factory Frontier is out in NA Rune Factory 3 is out in NA Rune Factory Oceans is not out anywhere

How do you unite the village and minster settlement on Rune Factory 3?

you have to beat the 4th boss and then talk to wells. then talk to ondorus. u will show onorus your human form and then you have to hold a unity festival. My tip watch a walkthrough by lazy lucien.

What is rune factory frontier?

Rune Factory Frontier is a Farming RPG game for the Nintendo Wii. It is the third game in the Rune Factory series.

When did Rune Factory Frontier happen?

Rune Factory Frontier happened in 2008.

After you marry your wife in rune factory do you get a kid?

Yes. You can have a child after you get married in Rune Factory.

Can you marry Lynnet in rune factory?

Yes. You can marry Lynnet in Rune Factory 1.

When was Rune Factory Frontier created?

Rune Factory Frontier was created on 2008-11-27.

How to get married with Evelyn in Rune Factory 3?

You cannot marry Evelyn in Rune Factory 3

Is Rune Factory 4 availiable on Nintendo DS?

Rune Factory 4 is for the 3DS only.

How do you cut stumps in Rune Factory 1?

You have to use an axe to chop stumps in Rune Factory