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You start the quest by talking to Mr.Crowley in the history museum (you have to appeal to his better side so dont be too offensive if you want the mission from him.).

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Q: How do you start the quest you got to shoot em in the head in fallout 3?
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Where can you find the quest head of state in Fallout 3?

The quest Head of State is given by Hannibal Hamlin at the Temple of the Union.

What is the easiest way to get from New Vegas from Prim in Fallout New Vegas?

Follow the main quest line or head NorthEast of Goodsprings.

Where do you get Knock-Knock Fallout New Vegas?

To get Knock-Knock, go to the Boomers base and talk to pearl to start the quest Volare, head off and find Rachel and she will give you the quest Ant misbehavin, go to the generator room and there is a skeleton on the ground floor and Knock-Knock is laying beside him.

Where do you get the key for the room in the bomb dump in Fallout 3?

need to go through "shoot them in the head" for the keys. look for more help in walk thru

Where do you get the key for the Fort Constantine bunker in the CO Quarters?

The "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" quest is what you have to start. Ted Strayer (Rivet City, a lot of times in Capitol Preservation Society) has a special key on his body, which can also be pickpocketed. Take Ted Strayer's Special Key and use it on the door. There is a unique set of armor inside. If you already completed the "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head" quest, go to Underworld and see Mister Crowley. He will be wearing the armor

How do you you start a quest i n Free Realms?

Click on the NPC (Non-Player Character) with the green (!) icon over his/her head, then click begin quest

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Maplestory how to do the Amesterious small egg quest?

To start the A Mysterious Small Egg quest, Click on the light bulb on top of your head and then theres quest you can do. You should see A Mysterious Small Egg. Click on it then you started the quest. You cannot repeat this quest and the pet that you get will be alive for 5 hours.

Will there be bobble heads or something similar to it in Fallout New Vegas?

Yes, Fallout: New Vegas will use 'Snow Globes' as an alternative to Fallout 3's 'Bobble Head'.

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