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You can either choose new game or on the title screen hold B, up and select together and say yes to delete all of your data.

edit: new game does not overwrite the old save data.

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Q: How do you start new game in soul silver?
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How do you start over soul silver?

Start a new game

How do you start an new quest on soul silver?

erasin the game

How do start a new game in Pokemon soul silver?


How do you start over on soul silver?

press new game button on starting menuu

Which of these is the real game that's coming out Pure Silver or Silver Soul?

Neither. The new game is called Soul Silver, not Silver Soul.

How do you start new game in Pokemon soul silver?

press b+up+select at title screen

What if you use rock smash and you dont find the fossil in soul silver?

Start a new game, or cry about it.

I started a new game on soul silver how do I connect to the pokewalker?

When you start soul sliver press pokewalker and choose you Pokemon and connect it to you ds then Wala!

What to do when Soul silver is beat?

Uh how about buy a new game.

Do you have to erase your saved game to save a new game on Pokemon soul silver?


How do you connect to the poke walker on soul silver?

on the title page of the game after you touch to start there is a list with choices such as continue new game etc. one of them is connect to pokewalker click it

What happens if you start a new game on soul silver?

Nothing really ''happens'', it's just as if you've started a new game. Just like on any other game, when you select ''new game'', you start at the beginning. It doesn't say that on the game, so don't call yourself a dummy if you cant find it.