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* cymbals * Clarinet * castanets * coronet * conga drum * cello

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Q: How do you spell every instrument starting with c?
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What is a musical instrument starting with letter c?


What is a instrument starting with the letter c?

cello clarinet

What Musical instrument name starting with C?


Musical instrument starting with letter c?


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Is a guitar an E instrument?

No, it is a C instrument.

What is the first note of the C scale for a Bb instrument On the circle of fifths?

the scale of c is the same for every instrument you can think of. But if you have what is called a transposed instrument (say in Bb or Eb (alto sax) or F (french horn) the c you play will sound different from the c on your piano. you will see that it matches the Bb on the piano so if you want to play in c concert (like the piano) you have to play the scale of d major.

Does an i follow an e except after c all the time when we spell a word?

No! The rule is i BEFORE e except after c and it is true in nearly every case

Is the piano a transposing instrument?

No piano is a concert pitch instrument. Strictly speaking a transposing instrument is any instrument that the base note is not C in English and Do in Italian. As a piano is a stringed instrument, it does not have a base note as such, and when one presses what he or she supposes as C, the note heard is C.

What is G in Bb keyed instrument for a C keyed instrument?


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