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If you want to finish the ring one you have to get to blue ring in the inside then move the outer colors so they match the ring on the outer outer colors (and i mean outer outer colors) then click on the inner blue circle and it should be done.

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Q: How do you solve the puzzle in club penguin mission eleven?
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How do you solve puzzle in mission 7 in club penguin?

well, firstly you must get a life and get off club penguin xoxo

How do you solve a triazzle penguin puzzle?

you can use your Brian

How do you get master gear on mission in club penguin?

To solve the mission, go to YouTube and type in Club Penguin Mission.... They will teach you exactly how to solve the mission and get extra rewards... Hope that helps... :)

What do you do on club penguin the mission vegie villain when you are stuck at HQ?

press the orange book on the book case then u will see a target click on it and u will have to solve a challenging puzzle

How do you solve the tremor mission on club penguin?

i cannot do this one!

How do you solve mission 5 ONclub penguin?

you dont its a glitch.

How do you turn on the power in Club Penguin?

If You're Talking About The Mission, You Have To Go Into The Boiler Room. Then Click On The Fuse Box And You Will Have To Solve A Puzzle. When That Is Finished, Go Back Into The Night Club And The Brown Penguin Will Be Dancing And Thanking You For Fixing The Power.

How do you solve the clockworks repair mission on club penguin?

10,0000 coin

How do you solve the mission with mine puzzle Club Penguin?

it depends what part your on in the mine ther is hidden things in the carts but befor it askes you if you want to play cart surfer you press misson that apperes on the cart.

How do you solve the dog puzzle mission 839 clues?

Match each section by color.

How do you solve the mission secrets of the fur on club penguin?

i dont no ask your mummy

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