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Dash while wearing it for about one second.

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2011-04-26 13:35:15
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Q: How do you slide with blue turtle shell in Mario bros ds?
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How toGet the blue shell to slide in Mario bros ds?

Blue shell. 1. let Mario wear the blue shell first. 2. Run as fast as you can 3. As you slide you be able to ram into enemies. Warning!!!!: if you bump into a wall while sliding you will go off course and you will easily fall.

What does the blue turtle shell do?

In New Super Mario Bros. it gives Mario a blue shell on his back which he can use similar to the turtles.In Mario Kart, the shell flies to the person in first place (unless it's you, in which case it will fly to 2nd place) and explode.

How do you be a turtle on new Super Mario Brothers?

You need the blue shell. You can get it in one of those little red houses.

How do you block a bluey in Mario Kart?

Right when the blue shell starts circling you, you have to miniboost out of the way. In other words you have to be in a controlled slide and release it as soon as the blue shell circles you.

Which levels give you a Blue Turtle Shell in Super Mario Bros DS?

Basically there is no lvl with it inside it.To say it easily.

Can you turn into a turtle in new Super Mario Brothers ds?

yes the way to is to get a blue koop shell from a ? block and you are a "koopa troopa".

What is koopa Mario?

It is actually called shell Mario. it's when Mario wears a blue shell

Why do turtle species vary?

Turtle species vary because of evolution. Ex: A red turtle mates with a blue turtle, the offspring have red and blue stripes on shell.

Can someone explain to me how you dodge a blue shell in Mario Kart Ds I've seen people do it on WiFi and my friends can do it without cheating also what is snaking and how do you do it?

do a drift if you hear the sound of the blue shell,when the blue shell is about to descends to you,stop your power slide and you should boost,when the blue shell is about to hit in a few miliseconds,you hop you kart and turn to the direction you drifted earlier

What is the easiest way to obtain a Blue Turtle Shell in Super Mario Bros DS?

Blue shell solve my riddles and you will get the blue shell in new super Mario bros Ds. so pay attention. Riddle 1: It took so long for me to look for the blue shell. so i went to a shop with a mushroom coloured red......i have got the blue shell from the shop......What a discovery!!! as i ran with the blue shell wearing it helps me ram into goombas and koopas!! Riddle 2: As i started on a level i saw a Flying red block as i bumped on it it popped out a mushroom,fire flower, tiny blue mushroom, and a blue shell. Now take a note for what i just said!

How do you tell the gender of a sun turtle?

If he's had blue anywhere on his shell. Also if his shell (belly shell) goes in or is flat, than its a dude! If no blue or shell goes out than its a DUDETT

How can you tell if a turtle has salmonella?

If it's shell starts to go slight blue

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How toGet the blue shell to slide in Mario bros ds?

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