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Q: How do you skip worlds on Super Mario Brothers on wii?
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How do you skip worlds in Super Mario Brothers ds?

Get a cannon. You will skip some worlds. but you will not get all 3 stars on your file.

How do you skip levels on Super Mario Brothers?

I think you can't

How do you skip a level on new Super Mario Brothers 3d?

to skip a level you have to find an orange pipe. there is one on 1-2

In the game super Mario bros for ds what does the canons mean on the map?

They are Warp Cannons- they are very hard to unlock, but you can skip entire worlds by using them.

New super mario brothers ds cheats?

Cheats new super Mario bros. Cheat 1. 99 life Cheat 2. Infinite Giga mushroom. Cheat 3: 99 star coin Cheat 4: Skip stages

How do you skip a level in super Mario flash 2?

Hold C and H then press spacebar.

In Super Mario Brothers 3 what does the tooth jewel do?

It helps you skip a stage, but you have to beat the next level otherwise it will send you back to the start and you've used it in vain. It helps you skip a stage, but you have to beat the next level otherwise it will send you back to the start and you've used it in vain.

What is the cloud used for in Super Mario Brothers 3?

the cloud item in super Mario brothers 3 is used to skip levels they are located in the boss castle with the princess the best way to use these clouds are to collect them then use the warp whistles to warp you to the 8th world and use them on certan levels that cannot be beaten with p wings (clouds and p wings are important to beating the 8th world)

Will rosalina be in super Mario galaxy 2?

No but she is replaced with a fat purple Luma. If you continuously fail on a star, she will appear in a 'night' form and will let you skip it and get the star but the star will be bronze to show you had to skip it.

Should you gett Super Mario Brothers or Super Mario Brothers 3?

You should get smb3.If there's 1 Mario game i like the second best it's gotta be smb3.Cause in smb3 you can fly, the graphics are a little nicer, the time doesn't go so fast, and there are TONS AND TONS of secrets in this game including a bonus world 9 to skip ahead to world 8, bowser's world. to get there you need 2 magic flutes.To get them type this in on youtube and type in how to get the 2 warp flutes in smb3 and it should work. Hope I helped!

How yo skip levels on New Super Mario Wii?

You have to die 8 times on a level and hit the super guide block Luigi will do the level for you but you will not have shining stars if the block appears once there is no super guide on world 9

Can you skip special cup on Super Mario Karts on SNES?

You can if you play on 50cc. You need to play on either 100cc or 150cc in order to play the Special Cup.

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