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is there a battery if so where is it

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Q: How do you set up the wii cyberbike?
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How do you turn on the wii cyberbike?

The Wii Cyberbike is very easy to get started. Simply switch on your Wii console, insert the disc and Cyberbike will connect via wireless access, just follow the simple instructions and you're off.

To set up a Wii do you use inputs or out puts?

My wii is set up using inputs.

Can your Wii connect to your wireless router?

yes you just have to go under system configuration and set it up. set it up on your wii just like you do a computer.

What Motorcycle games are available on the Nintendo Wii?

The Nintendo Wii is a great gaming console. What makes it so special is that you're not sitting around to play a video game, but you're actually moving while playing. Some motorcycle games for the Nintendo Wii are: MotoGP 08 ExciteBike CyberBike (Magnetic edition) Nitro Bike Yamaha Supercross

How do you set up a Wii?

Simple. Plug it into the back of the TV

Can you watch netflix without the wii being hooked up to a computer?

Yes. Hooking the Wii to a computer is completely unnecessary if you have WiFi in your home. To set it up: 1) Turn on the Wii. 2) Click on "Wii" in the bottom left corner. 3) Click on Settings. 4) Press the + on your Wii Remote. 5) Click on Internet. 6) Set up your internet.

Can you play Wii fit online?

Sorry, no. You can only play it on the Wii.

How do you set up two players for mw3 for wii?

You can't, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Wii is single player.

How do you set up two remotes?

You first get your first remote, and boot up your Wii, then you go into the Home menu and down into the Wii Remote bit then follow the instructions after you disconnect ^^

How do I hook up my wii to the internet wirelessly?

go to wii settings, then the internet tab, from there you can set up a wireless connection

How do you set up wii table tennis match for two persons?

Depends what game your on.

Is the Wii able to work all around the world?

Yes, if you have wii connect 24 then you can play online at any time and you can set it up no matter where you are!