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You need to go onto a game allows guest users like Halo and COD black ops. After that, you can get another user to log in as guest live.

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Q: How do you set up a guest account on xbox 360?
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How does your xbox 360 avatar sign in right away?

Your xbox profile will be set as auto sign in when you created the account. You can change this so when you turn on your xbox, you will have to manually sign in to your account.

How do I set up a new Xbox 360 that doesn't have Kinect?

You dont need the kinect to set up the Xbox 360 S. Lets just sum this up. The kinect is a add-on for ANY Xbox 360 console. Asker note: No, I mean, how do I set up a new Xbox 360 that I am not using Kinect on.

Does an xbox Bluetooth headset work on an itouch?

No it won't. The iPod Touch will not recognize the Xbox 360 head set as Bluetooth. The xbox 360 Bluetooth is strictly for the Xbox 360 only.

How do you change the controls in Left 4 Dead 2 PC with an Xbox 360 controller to match the 360 controls?

try it and find out i guest yes if you set them like that

What do you need to make Xbox Live work?

The first thing is to give your Xbox 360 an internet connection, you can do this through ethernet or wireless. Next, you will need to set up an account, make sure you have a xbox gold membership.

Does the Xbox 360 have Netflix?

You have to register on Xbox Live, and then go to the Netflix website to set up a Netflix account.

Can you set up three different Xbox 360 Live accounts under the same eMail address?

No, it's not possible to do this. The Xbox Live service will require you to have separate emails for each account.

Does the xbox slim use the same cords as the old xbox 360?

No, the Xbox S has its own set of cords that work only with itself and not the other Xbox 360's.

What to do if my box live account is permanently suspended. It was from Gamertag. Can I set up a new account on my xbox 360?

If you are looking why you are permanently suspended you can post on the Account Suspensions and Console Bans Fourm to find out why. You are allowed to create a new account seeing that you obied by the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.

7-pc Drum set or Xbox 360?

7-pc drum set.

What is the differences between administrator accounts and guest accounts?

Guest account is the one where you can set a settings that you need..... For ex. You don't like any1 uninstalling your programs, so in such cases you can use guest account.... In order to activate guest account you have to have a administrator account & it has to be set with a password........ Administration account is normal to control your settings.............

How do you set up profiles under 1 Xbox live account?

u don't u have to set up another xbox live account but its possible.