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First, you need bukkit. Install the Essentials Spawn plugin and type "/setspawn" in the server to set the spawn.

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Q: How do you set spawn on you minecraft server?
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How do you get the mod to set spawn point in your minecraft server?

You need singleplayercommands. On teh command bar do /setspawn

Is there a minecraft server that allows the recipe mod?

Use the mod "Not enough items" or NEI, you can set it to a mode where you can see all the recipes but not be able to spawn items in.

What are the instructions for playing minecraft multiplayer?

That depends on the server you want to play on. Ask an op on the server what the rules are if they are not located at spawn.

Are there any Minecraft survival servers that spawn you in the nether?

yes if they set spawn in the nether, but not many do

What is a minecraft server with inventory edit?

Inv Edit basically allows you to spawn in items from your inventory.

How do you let someone build on your minecraft server without opping them?

The spawn area in a server is protected. (A radius of 33 blocks). Have them move more than 33 blocks away from the spawn point, and then they will be able to build.

How do you set spawnpoint in minecraft?

/setspawn if your on a server.

What are the best unprotected no whitelist minecraft servers?

the best server to grief is nothing is protected not even spawn

What server address and server name?

A minecraft server adress is the location on the internet in which the Minecraft server is stored on. Minecraft server addresses are often a set of four numbers, such as If the owner of a large Minecraft server has a website, it is not uncommon for the address to be something like this: "".

How do you st a new spawn on your minecraft server?

First of all, you need your server to be running on Bukkit, / And when its all fully installed use /setspawn to change the spawnpoint.

How do you set up a minecraft server for 1.2.5 on a mac?

Use the hamachi server.

Why do you spawn in a big ocean in minecraft?

Because that where the terraingen system set it up for you to spawn, it's 100% random as far as I know.