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sorry but you cant send clothes just postcard put that is a good idea.

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Q: How do you send your friends clothes on club penguin?
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Can you send clothes from elite penguin force to club penguin?

No sorry. You will have to buy new clothes

How do you send people on club penguin clothes?

For all that I know there is no way to send cloths to your friends in club penguin even though that would be a good idea... someone should create that, but you know club penguin... fun. but glitches and stuff...

Can your friends on Club Penguin send you clothing?

The answer for that question is no your friends can send you clothing

How do you send clothes to other penguins on Club Penguin?

Do you even know what club penguin is??If you do you would know that you cant send clothes to penguins on club penguinhopefully they will let us do that.....for now no!!!This is a mean comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you send clothes on clubpenguin?

Club penguin is Not like Webkinz where you can send clothes and items. Club penguin is for older kids and kids, Unlike Webkinz-Webkinz is for little kids no offence lol

How do you send clothes on club penguin?

You can't trade anything with other penguins

Do you know how to send money to your friends on club penguin?

You cant send money on club penguin its impossible, But you can earn money from playing games and from being a tour guide and EPF.

Can you upload clothes on Club Penguin?

you can upload clothes and coins of herbets revenge only if you have it and to do it you need to send over 2000 coins then it will appear after a few days

How do members send items to non members on club penguin?

In Club Penguin you are unable to send another penguin items. Sorry. ~SoccerPunck/i7

What is a Club Penguin poem?

It is a poem that you can send into the club penguin times and it has to be about club penguin. one or two are chosen every week and you can subsmitt your own at the back of club penguin times!

How do you unband your self from Club Penguin?

Send A Message To Club Penguin Then Say Hello,Club Penguin My Penguin Has Been Banned For A Misunderstanding Please Unbann Him/Her Bye!

How do you send a message in club panguan?

U can't send messages in club penguin but u can send postcards.