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First, the person receiving the robux will need Builder's Club or any of the expansions from that. The person receiving the money will create a piece of clothing. They will then set the price of robux to the amount of robux that will be transferred. The person giving the money should buy this shirt. The receiver will have the money, and the giver will have bought the clothing.

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how do you get robux in to your account

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Q: How do you send robux to another account on roblox?
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Where is the send robux link on roblox?

There is no send robux link on roblox. You may, however make a donation t-shirt if you are BC.

How do you send money to people on ROBLOX?

on my roblox, press the link, "share robux".

How do you send robux on roblox?

You can't.

do anyone know Dlyan password i will send u Robux if u send me his account i will send lots of robux now and send it to my account: thatonegirl_moneybag this is my account and i need to friend him?

tell dlyan i love him and can i be his friend i am a youtuber or just ask him for his account because my sister want to friend u and she is ur biggest fan.

Do you have to pay to be in roblox?

no you dont have to pay to be in roblox but if you want builder club you have to pay

Where do you invite people to Roblox?

Go to "My Roblox", and click the "Share Roblox" button. There you can send emails from your Roblox account to their email account. _________________________________________________________________ If you invite 3 or more people you get a badge for it.

How do you get your banned roblox account back?

Send an appeal to their E-MAIL.

What are friend codes for on roblox?

a friend code is, say one of your friends had a ROBLOX account and he told you about ROBLOX. When you make your account, in the friend code type in your friend's Roblox's user name and Roblox staff will automatically send a friend request to him for you.

How do you send mail to people on Roblox?

First get a parent account, then log onto it add your account click edit, then select safe on both options then log back into roblox in your own account, then select send meesage on whoevers profile write the message then click send then your done.

What can you do with 1 robux on roblox?

Roblox can help you to think outside the box with a variety of stuff to do. You can build your own place, make videos, take screenshots and send it to your friends and much more.

How do you send robux and tix on roblox?

You can buy items from BC members and they get 90% of the money you payed for it, also you can buy donation shirts, and donation t-shirts.

How do you donate money to people on roblox?

Donating is not an official feature of Roblox. Basically to donate to somebody you buy a donation t-shirt that he has made and he receives the money. Remember that in order for somebody to donate to you you need to make a t-shirt and sell it, therefore you must have Builders Club.