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Well, to send a note to a friend on Moshi Monsters, go to their house, by clicking on his or her monster, and click on their pinboard. Click Add Message, and type a note to your friend. Happy Monstering!

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Q: How do you send a note to a friend at moshi monsters?
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Where is the note pad in Moshi Monsters?

There is no note pad in Moshi Monsters. If you want to send a message to a Moshi Monsters friend, go to their room. There is a Pin Board in the upper left corner of the room. Click on that and you can leave a message for your friend.

Can you send presents on Moshi Monsters?

You can send presents on Moshi Monsters but you have to be a Moshi member. When you are a Moshi member go to Gift Island, then to the gift shop. Pick a gift, then a friend to give it to, and a note!

How do you get friends on Moshi Monsters by not sending them a friend request?

The other person might send you a friend request on Moshi Monsters.

Can someone send you their details for moshi monsters?

If someone wants to be your friend on Moshi Monsters, they could send you their Moshi Monsters User Name, but that is the only information that should be shared with anyone.

How do you send e-cards on Moshi Monsters?

You can not send e-cards on Moshi Monsters. You may send a message to a friend's email inviting them to join Moshi Monsters or you can post a message on their Pin Board or on the Forums.

How do you send a blank note on Moshi Monsters?

i know witch mesadges you have to send but some peapol on moshi monsters can do blank mesadges to their friends on moshi monsters plese can you tell me how to do a blank mesadge on moshi monsters if i email you our email is

How can you text on Moshi Monsters?

You can not text on Moshi Monsters. Use the Pin Board in your room and your friend's rooms to send messages.

How do you receive a gift on Moshi Monsters?

If you have a friend on moshi monsters that is a member you could ask them to send you a gift from gift island.

How do you send messages on Moshi Monsters while just adding them when not friend?

You can not send a message to anyone on Moshi Monsters unless they are your friend. If you have just asked them to be your friend, you have to wait until they accept your friend request before you will be able to post a message to them on their Pinboard.

How can you send rox to your friend in moshi monsters?

u cant send rox to ur friends sry

How do you send Rox to friends on Moshi Monsters?

Well there two ways: pick a friend you want to send a note to and vist their house a click on THEIR pinboard and click add a massage. Tehe other way is if a friend send YOU a massage you click replied and there you go! Please add me bunny9054 on moshimonster! Thank You!

How do you send pets to your friends on Moshi Monsters?

You can not send pets to your friends on Moshi Monsters.