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It has been said that all current events cannot be shared through mystery gift, only received.

Here, in a nutshell, is how events work:

A Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum save file can store 3 Mystery Gift/Wonder-card Events. Each Mystery Gift has a configuration which tells it if it is allowed to share itself with others and if so how many times this is possible. To share a mystery gift, you must have the "Mystery Gift" option on the title/main menu unlocked. To do this go to the Television station in Jublife. Go to the Second floor, head south into a little orange-floored corridor and talk to the man. He asks for two phrases. Answer thusly:

Phrase 1: Everyone Happy Phrase 2: Wi-Fi Connection

After this, he will say he shall "pull some strings" for you. Save your game and reset.

Go into your mystery gift menu. Select a card which you have downloaded from a Nintendo event with the D Pad (scrolls through all your cards with the pad).

With one card showing, press "A". It will bring up a menu, including options such as "Info". If the card is indeed sharable, it will have a "Share" option. Click the share option. Boot into wireless mode.

Have your friend or second DS/Game load up mystery gift, and pick "receive from friend".

The second DS will now also boot into wireless. Communication and event/card download is straight forward from this point. With the card downloaded, have your second DS/Game player go to any mart. A man in a green suit will be there, he will 'hand over' your mystery gift. This can only be done once per gift. Exit the mart and save. It should be plain sailing from there.

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Q: How do you send a mystery gift to a friend in Pokemon Diamond?
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How to get get mystery gift from via wi fi connetion or from a friend Pokemon diamond?

Your friend has to have to gift as well.

Do you get the wonder gift in Pokemon Diamond?

You mean Mystery Gift. You need to have another friend with a DS and Diamond and the gift is a Manaphy Egg (Pokemon Ranger). Or, Action Replay.

How do you get the mystery gift on pokemon diamond from a friend?

They must already have it and then have them use it then have them attach it to a Pokemon and then make the trade you the Pokemon.

How do you get the Mysetery Gift in Pokemon Diamond through Get From A Friend?

The only way to get a Mystery Gift from a friend is if they have a Mystery Gift Wonder Card that is sharable. If they do they'll be able to select that when viewing it and then you'll be able to receive it from the "Get From A Friend" option under Mystery Gift.

How do you a get mystery gift from your friend on Pokemon Pearl or Diamond?

You just have to open the mystery gift menu on both games and you and your friend will get a gift. It could be anything .New Pokemon or place.

You got mystery gift in Pokemon diamond but you don't get anything when you use it with your friendhow to get the stuff from it?

Your friend must have the gift as well.

How do you get a wonder card for the mystery gift in Pokemon diamond?

It comes with the Mystery gift...

How do you get the mystery gift from your friend in Pokemon dimond?

I don't no how you get it from your friend but I do know how to get mystery gift.

How do you receive mystery gift from a friend in Pokemon Diamond?

they have 2 have dun a live event and have a card link and go to a poke mart and volla you have a mystery gift:)

How do you get darkrie in Pokemon diamond?

mystery gift

How you get the mystery gift in Pokemon?

you have to have a friend with mystery gift with an also have to have wifi

Mistury gift in Pokemon peral and diamond?

You get the mystery gift from Pokemon ranger games.