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Dead Frontier is a multi-player online game that was released in the year 2008. The best way to sell credits is to go to marketplace, selling, click sell services, and then make sure to input the desired price and click okay.

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Q: How do you sell credits in Dead Frontier?
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How can you get money fast on dead frontier?

Buy credits with real money then sell them or merch.

On Star Wars knights of the old republic game how do you get credits?

You can get credits by picking them up off a dead enemy or you can sell some of your gear.

How do you get money on dead frontier?

1) Loot 2) Sell items/services 3) Scrap items

How do you make easy money on Dead Frontier 3D?

buy stuff from shop and sell it for higher prices and go deep into the map for better loot to sell

Where is Fairview in Dead Frontier?

Fairview is the fictional city that Dead Frontier is located.

When was Dead Frontier created?

Dead Frontier was created on 2008-04-21.

Free dead frontier accounts?

Yes. Dead Frontier accounts are free.

How do you reapair other peoples armor on Dead Frontier?

To repair others armor you must sell your engineering services on the market.

Mathletics- Can you sell your credits?

You can't sell your credits but you can buy backgrounds and accesorries.

When did Dead Frontier happen?

Dead Frontier happened in 2008.

Can you hack dead frontier?


What are the release dates for Dead Frontier - 2008 VG?

Dead Frontier - 2008 VG was released on: USA: 21 April 2008