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You can't. In the message when you buy a room, It says" Are you sure you want to buy this room? This cannot be undone."

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Q: How do you sell a room in Webkinz world?
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Is a Persian room theme on Webkinz world good for the Webkinz elephant?

It doesn't matter; you can pick any room theme and your webkinz will be happy.

Where is the goth room in webkinz world?

There is none...Sorry.

How do you trade on webkinz world?

Clubhouse, trading room

How do you make webkinz dresses offline?

Stores where you get webkinz sell many webkinz clothes that your plush pet could wear. They have the same clothes that they do in webkinz world.

How do you go deluxe on webkinz world?

You half to buy a delux webkinz pet. Go on type in deluxe webkinz, they sell them cheap their.

Does the walrus webkinz have a underwater room?

go to the map, click buy a room, if you have a fish pet (manatie,dolphin,whale,fish you get the point)you can buy an under water room. you NEED a fish pet for an under water room. im not a good speller

Where is the party in Webkinz world?

I believe you go to the clubhouse and there is a party room with other webkinz controlled by real people.

Where do you click int he webkinz Jessie room?

you get on the map of webkinz world, hit the little treehouse, and click the little square that says, "jessie room" hope this helps:D

Why did Webkinz sell out at Webkinz?

You mean sell out of webkinz? That im not really sure. Probably because they ran out of money.

How do I place Webkinz studio in one of your rooms on Webkinz world?

you go to your room and decide where you want it. then go to your dock and drag it where you want it to be.

Do they sell webkinz in Saudi Arabia?

They sell Webkinz everywhere it is a national website.

Does justice still sell Webkinz?

Yes Justice does sell a variety of Webkinz.