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unfortunately you can't see them, but getting them will give you the satisfaction

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Q: How do you see your Kanto badges in Pokemon gold?
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Do you have to see every Pokemon to get a starter from oak in silver?

No, you do not need to see every Pokemon to receive a Kanto starter from him. Instead, you have to get all 16 badges and defeat Red at Mt. Silver.

How can i see that there is Kanto region in town map in pokemon soul silver?

you can see kanto region in your pokemap after the main game when you can explore the region of kanto but while earning your johto badges and defeating the johto elite four for the first time you can see the kanto falls and the indigo platue during the main game hope this helped!

What will you do if you have all the 8 badges of kanto in Pokemon silver?

go see proffesser oak in pewter he gives u a pass to mt silver where you can fight Ash from red blue and yellow

Pokemon crystal how you want to go to silver cave?

get 8 johto badges then get all of the kanto badges,go see prof. oak he'll give you something ,go to viridian city,go right find a path there you go :] hope i helped

Where is the train station in Kanto Pokemon gold?

The train station is in Saffron City. Near the top right of the city you will see a big building and that is where it is.

Can you get zappdos on Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes you have to get all 16 badges (Johto and Kanto) then go east off Cerulean and to the power plant then you'll see him, press A next to him and he'll be at level 50. Hope you caught Snorlax!

Were do you find the last Jim leader on Pokemon soulsilver on DS?

His name is Blue. He's in Virdian City in Kanto. However, You can only battle him when you have all the other gym badges in Johto and Kanto (Note: Blaine is found in the Seafoam Islands, when you visit Cinnabar you'll see why) and talked to him on Cinnabar Island.

How do you go to mt silver on Pokemon soul silver?

You must beat the game by getting all 8 badges then you have to beat the elite four and then the champion, Lance. After that go get all 8 Kanto badges and beat the elite four and the champion again. Then prof. Oak will see you are strong and allow you to go to mt. silver.

How do you get a national pokedex in Pokemon LeafGreen?

see every pokemon in the kanto region then visit professer oak

Where do you see latios in Pokemon SoulSilver?

latios is a roaming Pokemon so it will appear in random places in kanto

Pokemon Soul Silver how to get on top of Cinnabar?

earn all 8 kanto badges then go see professor oak in pallet town. after that he gives you HM 08 rock climb. then you surf to cinnabar, use rock climb all the to the top

Where are the last 2 gyms in the Kanto region in heart gold version?

Going from the chronological order of the Kanto Region gyms, Blaine, the fire gym leader, and Blue, who has various types, are the last two gym leaders. Blaine is in the Seafoam Islands, and can be found by going up the first ladder you see. Blue waits for you to have the other seven Kanto badges on Cinnabar Island, and then will go to the Viridian City Gym.