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Q: How do you see tom nooks in his PJs?
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On animal crossing lets go to the city can you see tom nooks house?

No, Tom Nook does not have a house. The only place we see him is inside his store.

On animal crossing wild world how do you see tom nook in his pjs with a teddy bear in his hand?

that is fake no such thing

What does nooks mean?

Nooks refers to the owner of the main shop in town run by Tom Nook

On animal crossing wild world can you see tom nook in his pj's?

i know you can only do this when you have nookway, use your shovel and hit the back of tom nooks shop 3 times then hit the front of his shop once. only in the Japanese version, though.

When is tom nooks birthday?

His birthday is July 28th

Does tom nooks ranch evolve in Animal Crossing lets go to the city?

tom nooks store should evole in every animal crossing game. it goes from nooks cranny to nookway to nook n' go to finally nookingtons.

Where is tom nooks house in Animal Crossing wild world?

tom nook's house is in different places in all the towns look on your map too see if its their if not restart the game from scratch.

How do you get in tom nooks home at night?

Tom Nook doesn't have a house, only a shop. But if you go to the shop between 12 and 2 am and hit the back of the shop 3 times and the front once with a shovel, he will appear wearing pjs and holding a teddy! ^^

How do you get a gun on animal crossind?

you can't but you can get a slingshot from tom nooks store

How do you upgrade tom nooks store faster?

buy more stuff

In which shops can you use a shopping card in accf?

GracieGrace and tom nooks

What happens when you become a gold member at tom nooks store?

You get a discount.