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you can not actually see manaphy is only on the natinal dex hope i helped

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Q: How do you see manaphy in trophy garden book?
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What is Pokemon 151 in Pokemon Platinum pokedex?

It's Manaphy. You can see it by checking a book in the mansion with Trophy Garden, in the same room as the guard guarding the statue.

What Pokemon is number 151 in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon platinum, the number 151 is Manaphy. You see him by going to the one mansion with the trophy Pokemon garden in it. In the room with the owner, you will see a book. Read the book to get him in your pokedex. Otherwise, you will need to have a Pokemon ranger event to get Manaphy.

Who is Pokemon 151 in platinum?

Pokemon #151 is Manaphy. You can't capture it, but you register it in your Pokedex by going to Mr. Backlot's trophy garden in Hearthome City. When you go into the room where Mr. Backlot and his butler is, you will see a book. Read it and it will be about Manaphy. Once you read it Manaphy will be registered.

How can yao catch manaphy on platinum?

you can't catch manaphy on any game you must have the manaphy egg from the secret mission on Pokemon ranger. (you can see manaphy in trophy garden room where the fat guy and the butler is)

Where do you see manaphy in Pokemon platimum?

you see manaphy in the Pokemon mansion, go to the owner that talks about his garden and the Pokemon coming up beside him, there is a book behind him read it and it gives you a picture of manaphy.

Where do you get a manepy egg in Pokemon Platinum?

You have to transfer the egg in Pokemon Ranger shadows of Almia to PLatinum. But you can see Manaphy by going to the Trophy Garden Mansion and looking in the book then trade for it. Or you ciuld buy one on eBay like I did.

Where do you see a manaphy in Pokemon diamond?

you do not find one in Pokemon diamond/pearl. you have to transfer it from Pokemon ranger, or use the action replay.

What Pokemon is 151 in Sinnoh pokedex?

ManaphyYou cannot see manaphy but in the trophy gardens you will find a fancy notebook read it and you will have manaphy in your pokedex.

In platinum were can you see dito?

trophy garden

Where do you see Maniphy in Pokemon Platinum?

go to Pokemon mansion where the trophy garden is look in all thr rooms and their will be a book

Where can you see a happiny in Pokemon platinum?

trophy garden

Where do you see a wild manaphy?

There is a book in the library at canalave with it's pic.