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Catch a Kirlia in the North of route 212 and evolve it.

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Q: How do you see gardivoir on Pokemon platinum?
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Where to find a wild gardivoir in Pokemon platinum?

you can't find a gardevior in the wild

Where is Galade in Pokemon platinum?

you can't catch a wild gallade , only by evolving a male gardivoir

What trainor has a Gardevoir in Pokemon platinum?

no one has a gardivoir you have to evolve it from a ralts then fight all the people that had the ralts more than 3 times each then one of them will have a gardivoir

What is the dawn stone for on Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum?

its a type of stone to evlove gardivoir to gallade and snornut to frosslass

Is this team of Pokemon good for platinum Empoleon Crobat Jolteon Absol Gardivoir and Magmorter?

I think that's a great team as long as you like it!

When does gardivoir evolve to gallade in Pokemon platinum?

Sorry to bust your chops but it does not work like that. Actually, You gotta give a Male Kirlia a Dawn Stone and it'll evolve to Gallade.

Where is gardivoir in Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia?

There is one in the Altru Tower.

What level does gardivoir learn hypnosis in Pokemon sapphire?

lvl 41

How do you get manaphay in Pokemon Platinum?

on platinum, you see Manaphy in Mr.backlots Pokemon mansion

Where can you see manaphy in platinum?

You can't see him in platinum. You have to transfer it from Pokemon Ranger

Where to find gardivour in platinum?

first find a ralts then at level 20 it will evolve and then at level 30 it will evolve to gardivoir

Can you see Ash in Pokemon Platinum?

Nope, you can't see Ash in Pokémon Platinum.