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You go to chat and type a Bad Word but if you type a Bad Word you will get a Warning. Even Lay Down doesant work but if u type a Bad Word and 1 you wont get a warning it's a cheat but the S word does'nt work at all but it's bad to curse at all times even on diffent times.

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Q: How do you say bad words in Movie Star Planet?
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How do you get unlocked from Movie Star Planet?

don't do anything bad and then you won't be locked

Is movie star planet a bad thing?

In my opinion it has no educational purpose and quite boring.

Can you email the draw something staff to report a problem?

yes if its a very bad problem like movie star planet by the way never join movie star planet every one hacks you

Why do you need flash to play Movie Star Planet in this computer?

maybe you have wrong spelling or the game is bad

How long are you banned for on Movie Star Planet?

24 hours will banned next time you put bad word then will be banned for ever

Does josh hutcherson say bad words?

Josh Hutcherson says bad words just like most other people. He is a teen idol movie star.

How old do you need to be to have a Movie Star Planet?

you need to be 9-15 i got a avatar and it blocks bad stuff so 9-15

How do you get your Movie Star Planet back when it as been Reported?

wait 15 hours and dont't do anything bad and if you can't do that make a new acount or sew them

Can you say bad words in planet cazmo?

As planet cazmo is filtered and mods are watching 24/7 you cant say bad words. And if you did in a way planet cazmo ambassadors may report you and you may get banned

Why did the account that i have get locked from Movie Star Planet?

well' maby u said bad language or did somfin bad or got reported or maby ur aount is accting up just loggin ltr and if that doesent work keep tryin goodluck

How Do You Get Unlocked Out Of Movie Star Planet?

u have to swear and be bad and share information i have an account look me up Sophia9146 anyways u just gotta curse pick fights and well just bully people

Is there a cheat to swear on Movie Star Planet?

Yes but there is only 1 it may not work anymore but if you type a bad word and 1 then you should'nt get a Warning. But if someone see's it You can get reporte and one thing is the S word does not work.