How do you run psx on ps2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The PS2 will play legal PS games that are not from a different region or illegal burnt copies of PS games for most titles

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Q: How do you run psx on ps2?
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Can you play PSX games on a PS2 game console?


Can you burn a PSX ISO to a DVD R and play it on an exploited PS2 - If so how?

As Long As The PS2 Is Modded. From What I Know....

How can you run PSX programs on your PC?

First get the PSX program. Then you either use your playstation CD or a downloaded version off the web, and run the program.

How do you do the duplication trick in Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories?

You will need three memory cards for this trick. One can be a ps2 memory card but it doesn't really matter, but with this i had to use a ps2 memory card cuz i dont have three psx cards. Copy your original save game to the ps2 card. then trade the cards you want to duplicate to another psx card with a different save data. Then, go back to the ps2 browser and copy the data from the ps2 card back to your original psx card. notice you still have the cards that you traded to the second psx card. now, trade the cards you traded to the second card back to the original game, and there you go, cards you didnt have to win/buy.

Can you play Final Fantasy VII on a psi?

is its the PS one yes but idk what a psi is ---------- I'm sure he meant PSP. And the answer is yes. You can download it from the PlayStation Network. ---------- PSX = PS1 = PSI as that's the question I'm getting from this. Final Fantasy can be played on all the PlayStation consoles. PSX + PS2 by the use of the PSX FFVII disc, and PS3 by the use of either the ability to run a PSX disc, or downloaded from the PSN store for $10. You can then put the game onto your PSP as it's compatible if you download it from the store.

What company does the psx abbreviation stand for?

On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) PSX refers to Phillips 66 which is a company in the oil and gas industry. PSX may also refer to the original Sony PlayStation, with the X taking the place of the common numbering system of the PlayStation names, i.e. PS2 and PS3.

How you can download mortal kombat armageddon on PC?

Easy, using a playstation emulator such as epsxe. Put the CD of your psx game ( Or backup ISO file ) in the drive then run it :).

What is the name of the person who made playstation2 and what is his address?

The action game ps2 on psx has a ESRB rating of R/P and is developed and published by

How to connect PS2 controller on a PC?

you need a psx to usb sold at radio shack bout mine in 2006 for 10$ play all my games with my ps2 controller great buy. it just pugs and plays on xp.

Will final doom run on PS2?

The Playstation game should run on the PS2

Do American ps2 cds run in India?

No, American ps2 cds do'not run in indian ps2's. Same is the case with me ,but a little different. I have American ps2, and when i tried to run indian ps2 cds in it it did'not accept.

Harvest moon PS3?

There is no available Harvest Moon title for the PS3. There are a few that can be played on the PSP, PSX and PS2, but no Harvest moon has been announced for the PlayStation 3... yet.