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it says it on the menu with all the other keys to the bottom right but if you want to know right now, you hold down LT and at the same time, adjust with your left toggle.


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Q: How do you rotate objects on halo forge?
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How do you rotate objects on halo reach forge?

To rotate objects in Halo Reach's forge hold down the left trigger

How do you get more objects in Halo 3 forge?

if you get map packs on each map their are different and sometimes more objects to be used in forge.

How do you rotate an object in Halo 3 forge?

hold the left trigger and and move left and right sticks

How do you morph objects in Halo 3 forge?

you cant....sorry....i really wanted the ability to, but unforcenitly you cant

Will there be forge on halo 4?

Yes, there will be forge mode in Halo 4.

Does halo reach have forge?

Yes, Halo: Reach will include Forge.

How do you spawn a wall on Halo 3 forge?

Go into the place where you can spawn stuff and spawn a platform and just rotate it like a wall.

How do I get more money in forge on halo 4?

You can't, but you can delete some pre-existing objects for more room.

Will halo 4 have forge?

Yes, it will have forge

How do you rotate objects in halo 4 forge xbox 360?

You use the cramera stick and movement stick

How do you get money in Halo 3 forge?

You don't. Money in Halo 3 Forge is set to the map limit.

Does Halo ODST have forge?