How do you reset tiny monsters?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Click on the settings and in the bottom left there is a reset button. Press it

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Q: How do you reset tiny monsters?
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How do you get free diamonds in tiny monsters?

You shake a tree for diamonds in Tiny Monsters.

Can you re-name monsters on tiny monsters?

No, sorry.

When can you get the expansion on tiny monsters?


How do you shake a three on tiny monsters?

You can't.

How do you get a tree in tiny monsters?

buy one

Is there a site for cheats to tiny monsters?


Is tiny monsters an online game?

Yes it is.

What is a hybrid monster on tiny monsters?

A hybrid is a combination of monsters. You have to breed adult monsters together in the breeding den.

How do you get the legondary monster on tiny monsters?

Adult flower and mounten monsters first flower then mounten

How do you get a mystic egg on the app Tiny Monsters?

Keep breeding the same type of monsters together.

Is there a PC version of the game tiny monsters?


How do you get a lot of diamond in tiny monsters?

Shake a tree