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Well it cant be out yet just ask to reserve the game.

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Q: How do you reserve a game at Gamestop?
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How do you reserve a video game?

Ask @ local GameStop

How much do you reserve a game at gamestop?

He amount of the new game when it comes out

When you reserve a game. When do you pick it up at Gamestop?

give the gamestop your home phone number and they will call you the night before it comes out

Can you reserve games at gamestop if the game is not out like Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5?

Yes. just ask one gamestop person.

If you reserve a game at the store Gamestop for 5 dollars do you have to pay full price still or is it full price -5 dollars?

If you put down $5 to reserve a game and the price of the game is $60 than the game would cost $55 + tax. When reserving a game it may include free add ons which is cool. Also when you reserve the game you must buy the game from the same Gamestop, it is store designated.

Does Gamestop reserve games?

For most games, they usually will.

How long will Gamestop hold a reserve?

I believe its 48hours (2 days) only.

How much is a 59.99 game at Gamestop?

a 59.99 game at gamestop will be 59.99. Plus tax!

What gamestop could you get explore of sky?

some gamestops have big boxes showing PMD3 so you can reserve it. but none actually sell it because the game hasn't come out yet!!!!

Is there going to be zombies in call of duty black ops?

Yes I went to gamestop and a really stupid worker told me that if I reserve the prestige edition i get it before I even start the game

When will Smackdown vs Raw 2009 come out in the US?

IN gamestop smackdown vs raw 2009 is coming out in November 9,2008 and you better reserve it. IN gamestop smackdown vs raw 2009 is coming out in November 9,2008 and you better reserve it.

Does Gamestop own Tron Evolution?

GameStop does carry the game Tron Evolution, but did not create the game.