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You need to do certain requirements. You should mostly aim for 60 sprites because when you do then you can get married, and rescue the harvest sprites. then work your way up from there.

Here are a few easy ones:

Chop 100 small sticks with your axe.

destroy 100 small roks with your hammer

Press 'a' on the fountain in front of romana's mansion

press 'a' on the water well next to he blue bar.

More information to finding the harvest sprites can be found here:

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Q: How do you rescue all the harvest sprites on harvest moon ds?
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When do you have a wedding on Harvest Moon DS?

You have to get all 60 sprites and rescue the harvest goddess

How do you rescue all 101 harvest sprites in harvest moon ds?

See the related link as it goes straight to the page about where the sprites are.

Where can you find all 60 Harvest Sprites in Harvest Moon DS?

There are 101 Sprites in all, but you only need to find 60 of to rescue the Harvest Goddess. You can go to the site "Ushi No Tane" see how to get all of them.

A cheat for Harvest Moon DS for all harvest sprites ASAP?

There is no cheat for all the harvest sprites. You have to earn them all.

How do you free the harvest goddess on harvest moon ds?

If you are talking about rescuing her from the "other realm" that she was sent to by the Witch Princess, then all you have to do is rescue 60 of the 101 harvest sprites.

How do you get all the harvest sprites in harvest moon ds cute? copy and paste this link, and it will lead you to find all the harvest sprites, and the rest of the site willhelp you with everything else on Harvest Moon Cute ds (and Harvest Moon ds)

Is there a cheat to get all the harvest sprites in harvest moon?

not exactly... i mean just research all that you have to do.. but which harvest moon are you talking about?

How do you unlolock 3rd channel on harvest moon?

If you mean the third Harvest Sprite Channel in Harvest Moon DS or Harvest Moon DS Cute, all you have to do is rescue 20 Harvest Sprites. After your twentieth Sprite you will automatically unlock your twenty-first Sprite who runs Channel 3.

How do you rescue The Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon?

Which Harvest Moon game? There is more than one Harvest Moon game about saving the Harvest Goddess. Always include the full title. If the game is just "Harvest Moon" add what system the game is for. Because there is more than one game called just Harvest Moon. In Harvest Moon DS all you have to do is find 60 Harvest Sprites.

How do you get all the harvest sprites in DS harvest moon?

Go to the site in "Related Links".

Why do you have to find all 60 sprites on harvest moon ds?

You have to save the Harvest Goddess with 60 sprites plus to get married you have to find 60 sprite. Theres 101 sprites in all.

How do you leave forget me not valley on harvest moon ds?

You have to find all 101 harvest sprites