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in my opinion,, placing a new cardslot is the best option.

you could try it yourself,, but some gamestores could do it too,, and if you send your ds to Nintendo,, they would try,, but they are to lazy to replace it,, so they send you a new one ;)

good luck

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Q: How do you repair a Nintendo DS if it wont read your DS games?
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How can you play games on Nintendo DS that the save file could not be accessed?

I have read to delete the .sav file from your memory card and try another download. same here! it wont play some games. it says save data could not be found

What do you do if your Playstation 3 wont read the games you put in them?

you get someone to look at it

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Your mom might not want you to read the hunger games because its to expensive or you need to get on with your schoolwork.

Where can you get your Nintendo lite fixed you dropped it and it wont turn on and theres something ratling inside does anyone know where you can go?

Suggest you check out the Nintendo website and select your country. If UK website is You will get repair information from there.

How to fix an nintendo dsi xl if the games wont show on there?

In order to connect the Nintendo dsi shop you'll need a compaible wireless access to a broadband internet connection.

Will banjo threeie be on Wii?

No it wont, rare and Nintendo don't make games together anymore... if it does come out, it will come out on the xbox 360...

Will a Nintendo 64 game work on a Nintendo SNES?

No they wont work on a SNES.

Will the Nintendo DSi have a mark if you bend it?

No it wont

Should N64 stuff start coming out again?

well it acutally depends on if Nintendo decides to make a N64 neo or something but i belive that there is a small chance that Nintendo wont make more games for the N64

Can you play playstations games on a Xbox 360?

Nope, the 360 wont be able to read the game.

Do all Nintendo ds games work on the Nintendo ds?

All DS games work on both the DS and the DS Lite. Games that require a GBA cartridge slot (like the Guitar Hero games) do not work on the DSi, as the GBA slot has been removed. also dont try 3ds games on any ds ( but 3ds) it wont work but you can play ds games on it :( but not 3d

How do you load a spectrobes beyond the portals save file from Nintendo DS to PC?

You just gota copy the .SAV file, that is the save file for all ds games.but u gota get something 2 be able 2 let ur games read on the comp. (illegal for games)and it wont b able 2 play from the comp.