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You may be able to use A-Patch (find it yourself...)

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Q: How do you remove MSN Gaming Zone folder?
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What is the code for the Hearts game developed by Microsoft?

This is it (opens in a new window): <iframe src="C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\WINDOWS\hrtzzm.exe" frameborder="5" scrolling="yes" width="500" height="400">> </iframe> The address of hearts is: C:\Program Files\MSN Gaming Zone\WINDOWS\hrtzzm.exe (all <'s are replaced with > and all >'s are replaced with <.)

Why Spades in msn game zone keep loading forever?

Today , I can find my Games ,MSN-Zone , oma990@live .com , password: JMB01250?

How can you get tag pictures on msn?

you press add picture when ure on the photos folder

Is hearts msn game zone down?

On 3/1/2011 I've been unable to access the MSN Zone Hearts game since 1PM CST.

How remove imbooster from MSN?

go yo control panel on your start button > select programs > go to add or remove programs > go to msn programs > you will find imbooster > remove imbooster from msn

How do you acsess your spam folder?

The spam folder on MSN UK is the junk folder. Junk folders are the spam folder in many email programs.

How can you remove msn from your computer?

Open control panel, select 'add or remove programs', scroll down to windows live messenger/msn and click remove program. hope this helped.

How do you get a history log on MSN a history log from a deleted contact?

It should still be in the chat log folder, if not, it is untraceable.

What are fun things to do online?

if your looking for a gaming website addicting games! or msn games they have really cool games if you find the right ones!

How do you remove the msn renewal notice?

renewal premium for policy 412844474

Whats better windows live or MSN Messenger?

Windows Live is used to connect people to people in a more then Instant Messenger way. Such as for Gaming, or Video Chat/Voice Chat, or file Sharing. MSN Messenger Now uses the same technologies as Windows Live without the Next-Gen Gaming Connectivity I PERSONALLY HAVE TO SAY WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER

How do you locate the previous MSN conversation?

You can find it on your hard drive by going to:My Documents > My Received Files > {username} > HistoryIn that folder you should see files for each MSN contact that you have had conversations with.Otherwise, you can right click a user on your contact list and go to :View > Message HistoryAnd you will be brought to the MSN conversation viewer.