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Use the mobile app on an apple device to buy robux using your apple id.

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Q: How do you redeem an iTunes card on roblox?
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Where can you buy roblox membership?

Roblox membership can be bought in two ways. First, you can buy it online, either through the Roblox website or on iTunes. Secondly, you can buy a Roblox game Card and redeem it for builders club membership.

How do you unredeem an iTunes gift card?

how do you undo the redeem on itunes

How much money is on the 25 roblox redeem card?

How much is a 25$ roblox gift card 😀

Can you redeem an iTunes card on zune?

yes you can buy an itunes card and redeem it on zune... if zune allowed that they wouldnt make any money from people buying there songs

How do you pay for apps using a iTunes gift card?

Scrolling to the bottom of the page in the App store reveals a Redeem button which is used to redeem an iTunes Gift Card.

What does redeem mean on an iPod?

You must be viewing the iTunes app on the iPod Touch. The 'redeem' feature is used when you want to add iTunes cards to your iTunes account. This allows you to do it while you are on your iPod, so you do not have to be connected to iTunes.

Why does iTunes need a credit card to redeem iTunes cards?

Actually you don'tif you have a gift card you dont need your credit card

How does a child spend an iTunes gift card?

Go to iTunes Store when on iTunes and click the "Redeem" button

How do you redeem an iTunes gift card on the iPod Touch?

Unfortunately, you can't redeem a code directly from your iPod Touch. But to redeem a code from iTunes simply open the iTunes Store and in the top-right corner you will see a "Quick Links" section. The first item on the list is "redeem". Click this and you will be able to type & redeem your code.

How do you put on your iTunes gift card on your iPod?

First you open up itunes on your computer, then go to the itunes store. On the sidebar under quick links you press redeem and you enter in the code on the back of your itunes gift card Or You can just got to the app store on your iPod and go to features, scroll down and press redeem and type in you code there Hope that helps

Where does the redeem gift card in iTunes?

To redeem a gift card in iTunes, click iTunes Store in the iTunes program. Then go up into the right hand corner where your username is and a arrow should appear. Click the arrow and when the drop down box comes up, click redeem. It should ask for the code on the back of the gift card. Type that in, and you have redeemed your gift card! On a mobile device scroll to the bottom of the page in the iTunes app or App app to find the Redeem link.

How do you redeem a roblox card?

all u have too do is look on the back at the very bottem.youll see something that says pin and some numbers or letters will be there so u have to go to builders club on roblox then prees redeem code cards then put in your pin on the roblox redeem card